Thanet Squash – Club Update 7th May 2020
May 7, 2020
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Thanet Squash – Club Update 16th April 2020

Just to give you a short update from the Committee following the Club closure several weeks ago.

The committee has met up by video link a number of times over the last three weeks to talk about both our immediate issues and our plans for the future when we eventually resurrect from COVID-19. We continue to keep in regular touch with our stewards Alan and Julie who do a lot to help make the club a success.

We also decided to use this enforced break as an opportunity to complete some of the small maintenance jobs that need doing, such as updating the painting, and we are continuing to ensure that the club is kept clean and tidy. Some of you may know that we commissioned the annual maintenance work well before the crisis – this would normally take place during the quieter Summer months. Not surprisingly the firm doing the work are not working at the moment due to COVID-19 so we can expect this work to be re-scheduled when things start to return to normal.

Communication and updates

Our plans are to update members regularly over the next few months or so, which will be by updating the club website. By regularly we mean every two – three weeks. We are not quite sure how this will work out and if we will have enough interesting material so we intend to keep it under review and change if necessary. But we are keen to keep in touch with our members.

If there is nothing of substance to report we will simply record on the website “no updates at this time” followed by the date.

Annual Subscriptions and Direct Debits

Direct Debits

All current Direct Debits have been suspended by the Treasurer from 31st March 2020


Direct Debits will be re-enacted by the Treasurer after the club is re-opened. (They will be taken from

Members accounts early in the month following the re-opening).


Members who have cancelled their Direct Debits will be invited to restart when the club is re-opened having completed a new Direct Debit mandate and paid the first month by BACS, cheque or cash (over the bar).


Annual Subscriptions


Members who have paid by annual subscription will have their membership extended by 1, 2 or 3 months depending on how long the Club is closed. This applies to both squash and gym membership.

All Annual Renewal invoices have been suspended until the club is reopened.


Future Events

The committee is still thinking through ideas for re-opening the club and would welcome any thoughts our members may have so that we can consider them further. Our thinking, at the moment, is that, with so much uncertainty as to the potential end date it’s a little too early to plan actual events – much may depend on whether we come out of it summer, autumn or winter! But we are sure that there are some really good ideas out so if you have one please share it with a committee member.

The good news is that Jim Bloomfield is already ahead of the game and is organising a “fun” fancy dress team handicap when COVID-19 is over.

Jim is looking for volunteers sign up and to play in a team handicap.

The date will be confirmed once we have a clearer understanding of the recovery to normal life and names will be collected once this is known.

The Committee

16th April 2020

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