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April 16, 2020
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May 14, 2020
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Thanet Squash – Club Update 7th May 2020

Dear Member

The committee promised to update you on how things are progressing in relation to the club.

As most of you know the government is intending to announce their plan for returning to “normal” on Sunday 10th May.

Running up to this there has been much media coverage and speculation this week and we know from recent experience that nothing is certain in these strange and rather unique times.

This evening (Wednesday 6th) the committee considered the position and agreed, unanimously, that we would wait until the formal government announcement is made on Sunday before deciding what to do. They also agreed that although it would not be right to speculate there is every chance, because of the complexity, speed of delivery and wide scope of the plan, the guidance on Sunday could possibly be vague and open to local interpretation.

As we have said before as a committee, the safety of our members and their families is our top priority. We will not compromise on this.

Given this, the committee agreed that we would, of course, follow government guidance. But will also wait, until available, Squash England/Kent Squash guidance before agreeing a plan or date to open the club.

If this means a day or so’s delay so be it.

Once we are comfortable with the safety measures we are taking we will start to open the club, whatever date that may be.

Needless to say, you, as members, can expect some changes and restriction in these difficult times.

There will be more rules than we are used to but we ask you to abide by them. They are necessary.

Please be assured that the committee is working hard to reduce any inconvenience to a minimum whilst also adhering strictly to government policy and trying to keep you and our squash environment safe for others.

We will be in touch again next week once we know more.

The Committee

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