Health Benefits of Squash

For more information on the rules and health benefits of squash, click here to refer to England Squash

Develops Agility
Leaping, spinning, stopping, bending, jumping, sprinting and running are just some of the moves the body has to make in a game of squash. As such, the sport requires and fosters its players to be nimble. Doing these movements conditions squash athletes to be agile in being able to quickly stop, start, and change direction.
Sharpens Hand-eye Coordinatio
Squash promotes good hand-eye coordination as repeatedly seeing the ball and adjusting your body and hand so you can hit it back under competitive stress forces the body to hone in on target and destination. The coordinated control of eye movement, hand movement and the processing of what you see to guide one’s reach boosts accuracy and promotes finesse of movement.
Increases Flexibility
Since the constant movement – particularly movement outside typical range of motion – is so often required in a game of squash, your joints and ligaments are able to stretch, promoting elasticity and blood flow in the body.
Pinpoints Concentration
From the very start of the game, your eyes are sharply fixated on the ball at all times. Focusing where it hits and knowing where and how it will bounce back ensures mental and visual concentration, while your other peripheral vision concentrates on your opponent’s movements.
Imposes Strength and Fitness:
Playing squash helps you gain power and the ability to apply force. In this case, it’s applying the swing of your racquet to hit the ball as hard, fast and accurate as you can. The strength required in a game of squash will help you tone your legs, arms and abdomen while the cardio involved in the face-paced game of squash will also help maintain a healthy weight.
Boosts Cardiovascular Health:
Squash has you running, jumping, leaping, and diving for the ball so your heart and lungs are working at peak efficiency. An intense game of squash will keep your heart rate up at all times.
Aids Social Skills
Our club has a friendly environment which can provide players opportunity to make new friends.
Improves Self-confidence
After a game of squash, players develop a sense of accomplishment and confidence, regardless of whether or not you won the game.
Ensures Mental Well-being
Concentrating on the ball, your opponent and your surroundings will boost your mental alertness and spatial awareness.
Alleviates Stress
Squash acts as a wonderful stress reliever, especially after a particularly demanding day. If you’re feeling angry or frustrated about work, home life or whatever else is grinding your gears, a round of squash can help you “squash out” those negative feelings by taking out all your anger on the court as you slam the ball as hard as you can against the wall.

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