Thanet Squash – Member Update – 17th January 2021
January 17, 2021
Thanet Squash – Member Update – 10th April 2021
April 10, 2021
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Thanet Squash – Update Amendment – 15th March 2021

Dear Member

Everything is starting to look far more positive and like everyone else your committee is watching closely as events unfold – hopefully it will not be long before we can re-open the club.

Your Committee continues to meet once a fortnight by Zoom. Most of the discussion is around re-opening the club, following what England Squash is recommending and also what other clubs are doing to see what we can learn from them.

We are also updating and modernising some of the fabric of the club. We have already mentioned updating the mens changing rooms, this work is nearly complete with just some tidying up to do.

We decided to modernise Courts 3 and 4. This work has been commissioned and we are working hard to have the work completed by the time the club re-opens.

The Committee decided not to go ahead with extending the gym. On the face of it, it seemed that there were significant advantages in extending the gym by using the spare space behind court 2. But when we looked into it further the advice was that any improvement to the gym would be minimal. That coupled with the loss of viewing space behind court 2 meant that we decided not to proceed further.

Finally, the Committee would like to thank all our members for their support over the past year, we know its been really tough – it goes without saying that we are all really keen to get back playing squash once again… seems ages since we played but hopefully we will be back soon and we will be remaining open this time

The Committee

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