Thanet Squash Club – 23rd July 2020 – Update on club reopening
July 23, 2020
Thanet Squash – Member Update 8th October – Showers and Bar Opening
October 8, 2020
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Thanet Squash – Member Update 22nd September 2020

Following the committee’s weekly zoom meeting, we thought we’d give you an update on the many things that the committee are considering as we phase our return to normal club life.


Return to Squash

Roughly a third of members have now reactivated their fobs and are back playing squash under the England Squash and Club guidelines. This is great to see and we hope that in time more and more members will be happy enough with the procedures put in place to return to playing.


COVID Officer

The committee’s Nigel Pope has been appointed the Club’s Covid Officer. Essentially Nigel will be ensuring that the Club is operating under England Squash’s guidelines but also helping with the return to squash by assisting with the creation of Squash bubbles, which is closer to the Squash that we were all playing before the Club’s closure.


Squash Bubbles

Lifted from the England Squash website…

A bubble consists of a maximum of six players. Players can only be part of one bubble at a time.
Players within the bubble can play full-court matches but with the following modifications and hygiene measures:

  • Only two players on court at one time.
  • Play best of three games.
  • Play first to 11 points, sudden-death at 10-all.
  • Use ‘Sides’ as a way to maintain social distancing throughout the warm-up.
  • During each game, when the first player reaches six points, both players should wipe away excessive sweat, sanitise their hands and the ball. Repeat between games.
  • The same player to serve / touch the ball during each half of a game, and at the halfway point, switch servers.
  • Protective eyewear or visors are strongly recommended at all times.
  • Players must not wipe their hands on the court walls.

If you would like to join a Squash bubble, please contact Nigel Pope and he will be able to assist you in joining one suitable to your level of play.


Gym Opening

The committee are looking into ways in which the Club can reopen the gym in a safe manner. The small nature of the gym doesn’t easily lend itself to social distancing and new software would have to be put in place if we were to go to a booking system for the gym. An option that is being looked at is placing half the gym equipment onto court 4 which in turn would space out the equipment in the gym in a better fashion.


Showers & Changing Rooms

The latest guidance from England Squash is for Clubs to keep their showers and changing rooms closed however the committee are looking at ways in which we can open these safely. Potentially the Club may instal some shower screens to aid social distancing, but it is thought that cleaning costs would substantially increase if these two areas of the Club were to be reopened.


The Club Bar

Whilst we would like to reopen this, until the showers and changing rooms are back open, we feel it wouldn’t fully be utilised and currently wouldn’t be cost effective to do so. It is a member service that we are looking to reopen as soon as we can however.


Membership & Subscriptions

As the Club further begins to reopen and return to normal with its services, the committee will start its subscription renewal process by sending out renewal invoices. We hope that as Club services resume further members will reactivate their fobs and resume playing. As previously communicated, all members have been given a window of non-payment whilst the Club was shut and this will be reflected in the date of your invoice.



Whilst the committee are proactively looking at ways in which the Club can return to normal, with the latest guidelines this week of “the rule of six” and the tightening of restrictions as set by the government, many decisions have been put on hold once again. We continue to meet weekly via zoom and will continue to update you with the latest on our reopening.


Questions and suggestions are always welcome, so if you have any, please do get in touch with a member of the committee.

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